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wind power quality acceptance

as a clean and renewable energy, wind energy has been paid more and more attention by countries all over the world. under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the development prospect of china's wind power industry is very broad. china is rich in wind resources, especially in the northwest, northeast, and coastal areas. vigorously developing wind power has long-term significance for the adjustment of china's power structure. at present, there are many types and numbers of wind turbines installed in china. how to ensure the normal and stable operation of the power station and ensure the power generation has become the focus of major enterprises.


as an inspection, testing and certification group that has been established for many years, noa has provided professional wind turbine inspection and testing services for many owners, power plant purchasers, investors, insurers, etc., and has won the recognition and trust of customers. in the current rapid development of the wind power industry, noa adheres to high-standard technical requirements and high-level technical services. by dispatching professional engineers, it can conduct a comprehensive inspection, inspection and acceptance of the entire wind farm. the company has professional and technical personnel in many fields. it can analyze, evaluate and identify technical problems, asset problems, design problems and document consistency problems of the entire wind power plant, and provide professional third-party services for our customers. as a professional and authoritative comprehensive third-party inspection, testing and certification organization, noa has conducted inspection and testing services for more than 1gw wind farms, and has accumulated valuable practical experience in the wind power market. in the future, we will uphold noa's high standards and high standards. requirements, in accordance with national standards and industry requirements, to give back to the enterprise with a higher level of service, to escort various wind power enterprises.



service content


1. 240-hour trial operation acceptance

240-hour trial operation acceptance refers to the acceptance of the wind turbine after it is installed and debugged on site to generate electricity normally. each unit shall operate continuously, stably and without failure for 240 hours. during this period, if the unit reaches the rated output when the rated wind speed occurs, it will be deemed as qualified for trial operation. if the rated wind speed does not occur during the 240-hour trial operation, the trial operation will be postponed for 120 hours. the rated wind speed has not yet appeared within the above-mentioned extension time, but the unit is operating normally, and it is also regarded as qualified for trial operation.

the benefits of 240-hour trial operation acceptance:

(1). ensure that the safety, power characteristics, power quality, availability and noise level of wind turbines meet the design requirements;

(2). help the fan to form a stable production capacity, thereby promoting the maximization of enterprise benefits.



2. the quality assurance acceptance

1. fan inspection

in the entire life cycle of wind power, the inspection of wind power equipment is the top priority.

the inspection of the fan mainly includes the inspection of the blade part, the inspection of the pitch system, the inspection of the braking system, the inspection of the generator system, the inspection of the transformer, the yaw system, the inspection of the hydraulic system, the inspection of the meteorological equipment, the fire protection device, the main control cabinet of the engine room, the frequency conversion cabinets, tower base control cabinets, tower parts, switch station inspections, etc.

2. fan testing

fan testing can be divided into non-destructive testing, bearing testing, endoscope testing, lightning protection testing, output voltage testing, oil sample analysis, etc.



3. other wind power station inspection and test content

other wind power station inspection and test contents include lightning protection inspection, blade internal and external inspection, generator insulation inspection, gearbox endoscopy inspection, foundation settlement, tower non-destructive testing, hub non-destructive testing, spindle non-destructive testing, blade phased array testing, blade robot inspection, routine inspection, foundation levelness inspection, tower levelness inspection, foundation stress wave non-destructive testing, tower bolt preload, foundation crack detection, oil detection, electrical control system function test, yaw and pitch gear wear detection.


service process
what are the reasons for the low power generation of wind farms?
according to the analysis of the power generation of each power station, wind resources are the main reason for the low wind power generation. through the analysis of the wind resources every year, the power generation statistics can be carried out to determine whether the power generation of the wind turbine is reasonable. in addition, there are many factors that affect the power generation, such as the quality of wind turbines, installation quality, and operation and maintenance level, which will affect the power generation. therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the reasons for low power generation through scientific and technical means.
what are the causes of vibration failure?

taking the vibration of the bearing seat as an example, the reasons for the vibration are mainly divided into five reasons:

(1) vibration caused by unbalanced rotor mass; (2) vibration caused by friction between dynamic and static parts; (3) vibration caused by abnormal rolling bearing; (4) vibration caused by insufficient foundation rigidity of bearing seat; (5) coupling vibration caused by abnormal device

what is included in the quality assurance acceptance?

the acceptance content includes document acceptance, single unit acceptance and other acceptance items.

what are the classifications of faults?
common faults of fans are divided into: severe vibration of bearing box, excessive temperature rise of bearing, excessive current of motor or excessive temperature rise, insufficient or excessive air volume or air pressure, excessive noise of fan, overheating of fan casing, no-load vibration of fan hour is too small, the load is too large, etc.
our advantage
authoritative qualification
noa has been approved by certification and accreditation administration of the people’s republic of china(cnca)(cnca-r-2002-051), and has obtained qualification of china inspection body and laboratory mandatory approval (cma),and has passed the multiple approvals of china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas), international accreditation service (ias), united kingdom accreditation service (ukas), joint accreditation system of australia and new zealand (jas-anz). noa has been approved by state administration for market regulation of china, and has been recognized as inspection and testing institution of china's special equipment, as well as the qualification of china's national equipment supervision and engineering supervision. noa-dci is the notified body of the ce directive of the european commission. noa has been recognized by the international electrotechnical commission (iecq) by obtaining electronic component quality assessment system. it is also a national inspection and assessment notified body of import and export commodity in china.noa is a high-tech enterprise in shanghai.
improve performance, realize asset value appreciation, and service throughout the entire value chain
from pre-design to post-operation, noa has the ability to guarantee the whole life cycle of the business. noa, as an independent third-party inspection company, has a large number of domestic and international standards and specifications proficient in design, welding, non-destructive testing, painting, packaging and other fields the experienced team of professional engineers and inspection experts, with more than ten years of experience in the domestic market, is familiar with all aspects of the domestic industrial equipment supply chain, and can provide you with technical support services for the full life cycle of technical services in a timely manner, combining various products. inspection, certification, testing, consulting, and auditing services can provide you with one-stop all-round comprehensive services.
quality, efficiency and service
noa has formed a mature and solid operation system in the development of more than 20 years. we let technical experts who are familiar with market regulations and testing standards and have professional industry experience to carry out inspection, evaluation and design review work. while meeting the requirements of domestic and international standards, we ensure that customers can obtain satisfactory service results in the first time with accurate time-sensitive management methods, and ensure that customers can seize the opportunity in the market competition.
service area
noa inspection services currently cover europe, australia, russia, some middle east regions and most regions in china. noa can ensure the consistency and continuity of customer service in different regions, and eliminate the impact of unfamiliar environments on customer quality. the guarantees and the impact of project implementation enable customers to participate in different markets across the country or around the world with flawless quality.
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