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building materials and construction engineering
building materials and construction engineering

construction engineering is the collective name for all types of buildings and engineering facilities that provide the material and technical basis for human life and production. construction works can be divided into three categories according to their natural properties: building works, civil works and electromechanical works. building materials is a collective term for materials used in civil engineering and construction works, which can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and certain special materials. the building materials industry is an important materials industry in china. building materials products include three major categories: construction materials and products, non-metallic minerals and products, and inorganic non-metallic new materials, which are widely used in construction, military industry, environmental protection, high-tech industry and people's life.

construction safety does not only refer to the safety of the project, but is also closely related to its supporting materials, facilities, energy, environment and other areas, the most important of which is the safety of the people moving around in the building. as a result, construction projects are highly complex and require strict, compliant and comprehensive controls. we provide expertise and services to the construction market in all aspects of quality, cost, schedule and safety, from the source of design to delivery.

noa provides comprehensive quality assurance services in the field of building materials and construction engineering, including building materials certification, system certification and supervision of construction projects, helping manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of building products to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and provide security for the smooth implementation of construction projects.

audit evaluation

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