as an independent third party inspection, testing and certification body, noa owns nearly 30,000 square meters of technologically advanced central testing laboratories
product certification

the international organisation for standardisation (iso) defines product certification as a process whereby a third party verifies and certifies in writing that an organisation's products, processes or services meet specific requirements and have the ability to consistently produce products that meet the requirements of a standard, through inspection and evaluation of the organisation's quality management system and sample type testing. after a product has been certified and issued with a certificate, a certification mark can be affixed to the product. this internationally recognised and effective form of product certification provides a shortcut for organisations to establish a good reputation and brand image and for customers and consumers to evaluate the quality of goods, while also acting as a passport for products to enter the international market and as an authoritative and effective safety certificate for products to enter the markets of different countries and regions.

noa|noah is an accredited professional third-party product certification body that provides product certification services for organisations in the fields of agriculture and food, light industry, new energy, electronics and electrical appliances, industrial equipment and manufacturing, petrochemicals, power engineering, building materials and construction engineering, helping organisations to better promote their products to the domestic and international markets, as well as protecting consumers' personal safety, animal safety and environmental safety.

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