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our mission

deliver trust to our customers by providing quality, professional, value-added services and a good third-party credit assurance.

it is through an interconnected network of trust that global activities can be carried out smoothly and properly. as a global provider of testing, inspection and certification (tic) services, each noa member is the creator and guardian of this shared network and is an integral link. we are committed to delivering trust to our customers by providing quality, professional, value-added services and a good third party credit assurance.our diverse workforce enables us to provide strong expertise and experience in any industry or sector, to quickly create the most valuable solutions, to deliver a constant stream of energy to the links in this network - governments, communities, companies, industry organizations, institutions and even individuals - and to build closer and deeper links, to share and synchronize improvements between the links and to eventually drive the development and progress of the world.

  • values of trust
    trust is the starting point of any activity and is the primary force for progress in the world. our employees truly appreciate and recognize the value of trust as a cornerstone of activity in today's society, thereby creating a 100% trustworthy outcome to their work. meanwhile, the emphasis on trust has enabled noa to develop a high quality, productive working atmosphere from the inside out, providing the best environment for employees to create value and realize their personal ambitions.
  • quality improvement in all areas
    the responsibility of our global activities endows our employees a strong sense of commitment. our employees will seize every detail with enthusiasm and motivation to achieve quality improvements in all areas for our customers, while bringing about continuous improvements in their own technical skills, work processes and work competencies. the spontaneous improvement of our employees is the main reason why noa has always possessed a core competitive advantage in the industry.
  • practice and promote sustainable development
    to be a member of noa is to participate in the achievement of the un's global sustainable development goals. we are committed to exploring sustainable patterns of resource development and utilization to promote a balance between global resource consumption and development for the common good of humanity. our employees not only create and realise value in their lives today, but also lay the foundations for the long-term future.
our people philosophy
corporate culture

"change" is the core spirit of noa's corporate culture, and action is the powerful driving force for achieving self and organizational changes. noa's pursuit of detail and excellence lies in spontaneous, self-initiated and self-aware actions. the corporate culture of noa is a physical reflection of the top leadership, a key reason for noa to excel in the industry and a defining characteristic of noa's talent requirements. noa and our employees are attracted to each other, choose each other and accomplish each other.

make a,
difference from today
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by being proactive  /  initiative
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