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at noa, you will be able to devote yourself to your work and enjoy the meaning and value that it brings every day. noa has developed scientific talent management mechanisms and remuneration strategies, and is always aware of the impact of the daily work atmosphere on your physical and mental well-being. we offer each and every one of our employees unrestricted opportunities to develop their abilities and advancement, as well as rewards to match their efforts, relieving you of all worries and helping you to engage and implement innovation and change without distraction, and improving the quality of work and life for more people.

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on the basis of a series of group management systems such as the hr recruitment process operation management measures, position grading operation management measures, employee performance appraisal operation management measures and compensation and benefits operation management measures, noa is constantly improving and refining the group's remuneration strategy to provide noa elites with attractive and competitive remuneration packages.

join noa for a new career adventure
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when you join us at noa, you will discover these qualities in every internal and external activity we undertake, and witness how we put them to work to advance our goals.


passion, initiative, efficiency, progress, fairness, trust, cooperation and learning are the key focus points for building a good working culture and an important expression of noa's cultural features.we provide our employees with everything they need for a high quality work, but we also like to offer them a completely different work experience. when new employees join us, noa will provide them with a series of company orientation, training and team interaction to help them identify themselves in the shortest possible time, get to know and trust their workmates, become a tightly integrated whole and fit in fully with our working culture.

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