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as an independent third party inspection, testing and certification body, noa owns nearly 30,000 square meters of technologically advanced central testing laboratories
iso 13485 -凯发k8国际首页登录
system certification

as a way for organizations to improve operation and management, management system provides an effective standard and framework. a sound system can improve organizational operation efficiency, reduce internal and external risks, continuously improve and enhance customer satisfaction, and help customers improve efficiency and profits. management systems are designed to help you achieve greater efficiency, lower costs, reduce waste, and eliminate non-productive activities. at the same time, it will be a demonstration of the strength of the organization to customers, suppliers, investors, employees and the community at large. to break the international green barriers, and gradually become one of the necessary conditions for the organization of production, business activities and trade.

as one of the earliest third-party service agencies engaged in inspection, testing and certification, noa is committed to exploring the front end of the industry and achieving innovation and progress. noa has obtained multiple accreditations from many important accreditation agencies around the world, providing management system certification services for domestic and foreign organizations, and improving the operation level of the organizational system. through the strict screening and training of the audit team, noa can provide customers with various value-added services such as diversified tools, training and professional knowledge while providing customers with value-added audit services.


iso 13485

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