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green product certification -凯发k8国际首页登录
green product certification
green product certification

green product certification is a voluntary product certification, which is a kind of product certification comprehensively implemented by the state administration of market supervision in the country, aiming to unify green-related certification. the national standardization committee has issued the general rules for green product evaluation, which specify the principles for determining green product categories, the principles for selecting green indicators, and the requirements for the green indicator framework. the objects of certification are mainly ending consumer products, and products with high consumer concern, urgent need for consumer upgrading, and great impact on ecological environment and human health are selected. according to the unified catalog, unified standards, unified evaluation, unified logo policy, the existing environmental protection, energy saving, water saving, recycling, low carbon, renewable, organic, and other products integrated into green products, market positioning for green high-end product certification.

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