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as an independent third party inspection, testing and certification body, noa owns nearly 30,000 square meters of technologically advanced central testing laboratories
life sciences -凯发k8国际首页登录
testing services

noa has a 30,000 square metre testing laboratory with service capabilities covering consumer products, ecology and environment, construction and engineering, life sciences, pharmaceutical industry, new energy, chemical industry and many other fields.noa has set up a comprehensive and large technical research and development centre with nearly all types of large spectroscopy, chromatography, precision optical microscopy, precision electron microscopy and other equipment, as well as walk-in environmental simulation, complex the human efficacy evaluation centre is equipped with multi-perspective and multi-dimensional models, from volunteer human testing to in vitro cellular and microbial method development, which can effectively address the r&d needs of customers in cutting-edge fields.

life sciences

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