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as an independent third party inspection, testing and certification body, noa owns nearly 30,000 square meters of technologically advanced central testing laboratories
industrial equipment and manufacturing -凯发k8国际首页登录
consulting services

consulting service refers to the intellectual service industry in which professional consulting agencies rely on the advantages of information and professional knowledge and use modern analytical methods to carry out creative thinking activities and provide clients with decision-making bases and optimal solutions for solving various social, economic and technological complex problems. the modern consulting service industry mainly relies on information, knowledge and wisdom resources and advanced technological means to carry out services, using thorough research and scientific methods as the basis for consultation, and is mainly concentrated in developed central cities, especially in hub cities with rich intellectual and human resources, which have an important influence on national and regional political and economic decision-making. the consulting services are very extensive and usually involve feasibility studies of projects, design and review of technical proposals, preparation of tender assignments, improvement of production processes or products, purchase of equipment, supervision and guidance of engineering projects, etc.

industrial equipment and manufacturing

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