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wind power technology due diligence

as a clean and renewable energy, wind energy has been paid more and more attention by countries all over the world. under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, the development prospect of china's wind power industry is very broad. it will maintain rapid development for a long time in the future, and its profitability will be steadily improved with the gradual maturity of technology. china is rich in wind resources, especially in the northwest, northeast and coastal areas. it is of long-term significance to vigorously develop wind power for the adjustment of china's power structure. at present, china has a large number of installed wind power with many types and quantities. how to ensure the normal and stable operation of power plants and ensure the power generation has become the focus of attention of major enterprises.


as an inspection, testing and certification group established for many years, noa has provided professional fan inspection and testing services for many owner companies, power plant purchasers, investors, insurers, etc., and has won the recognition and trust of customers. in the current rapid development of the wind power industry, noa adheres to high standards of technical requirements and high standards of technical services. by dispatching professional engineers, it can conduct comprehensive inspection, testing and acceptance of the whole wind farm. the company has professional technicians in many fields, who can analyze, evaluate and identify the technical problems, asset problems, design problems and document consistency problems of the whole wind power station, to provide professional third-party services for our customers. as a professional, authoritative and comprehensive third-party inspection, testing and certification agency, noa has provided inspection and testing services to more than 1gw wind airports, and has accumulated valuable practical experience in the wind power market. in the future, we will uphold noa's high standards and requirements, according to the national standards and industry requirements, and provide higher service levels to enterprises, so as to protect wind power enterprises.



service content

noa provides wind power technology due diligence services, including:


one. review of project compliance file


two. assessment of wind resources and power generation


three. adaptability assessment of unit at specific site


four. feasibility study and planning report

preparation of project proposal, pre feasibility study report, wind farm project development application report, wind farm project approval report and other planning reports


five. other evaluation contents

fire protection design assessment, civil design assessment, electrical and access system assessment, wind turbine safety assessment, wind turbine operation reliability assessment, wind turbine availability assessment, wind turbine power curve detection, assessment, power generation loss analysis, temperature and vibration data analysis, operation and maintenance capability assessment, risk recommendations and measures.


six. inspection of operation state of fan unit components

the operation status inspection of wind turbine components can be carried out by comprehensively inspecting and testing all components of the wind turbine, using different inspection methods and analysis systems to evaluate the equipment performance and operation status of the wind turbine, and find possible early defects. the in service inspection of fans can minimize the downtime, extend the service life of fans, and maximize the benefits of the wind farm. the key components of the fan are covered in the inspection scope: drive chain system, hydraulic system, pitch yaw system, electrical system control protection system, blades, etc.


seven. other due diligence contents

oil analysis, transmission chain vibration test, gearbox endoscope inspection, electric control system function test, fan blade and internal inspection, tower verticality inspection, tower nondestructive testing, and bolt nondestructive testing.


reference standard

○  iec 61400 wind energy generation systems

○  code for acceptance of wind turbine generator units

○  dl/t 5191 code of construction acceptance on wind power plant project

○  nb/t 31004 guidelines for vibration condition monitoring and diagnose of wind turbine generator

○  vdi 3834 measurement and evaluation of the mechanical vibration of wind turbines and their components - wind turbines with gearbox

○  gb/t 22516-2015 wind turbine generators systems—acoustic noise measurement techniques

○  gb/t 20320-2006 measurement and assessment of power quality characteristics of wind turbine generator system

○  dl/t 666 code on operation of wind farm

○  dl/t 796 wind farm safety procedures

○  dl/t 797 code on maintenance of wind farm

○  relevant technical documents of wind turbine generator manufacturer

○  wind turbine generator unit equipment procurement contract

○  technical regulations for engineering geological survey of wind farm stations

○  installation quality acceptance standard of wind turbine generator unit

○  dl/t 5191-2004 code of construction acceptance on wind power plant project

○  gb/t 19072-2010 tower of wind turbine generator system

○  gb/t 20319-2006 code for acceptance of wind turbines generator systems

○  jjg 414-2003 optical theodolites

○  tower design drawings

○  implementation rules for certification of wind turbine generator set

○  gb/t 18709—2002 methodology of wind energy resource measurement for wind farm

○  gb/t 18710—2002 methodology of wind energy resource assessment for wind farm

○  other relevant technical requirements, standards and specifications for wind turbine generator units and wind farms


service process
what are the problems in data review?
according to the previous technical due diligence of the power station, the majority of problems occurred in the data review. because the design, construction and construction of wind power are relatively complex, there are a large number of data and technical problems in each link, so the data review of the power station tests the comprehensive quality of engineers.
what are the common problems in fan inspection?
in the process of technical due diligence, fan inspection is the most important. the operation of the whole fan includes multiple systems, and each system should be comprehensively inspected with strong professionalism. in the large-scale technical due diligence, it is more necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the wind farm by discipline and system.
what are the common aspects of electrical problems in wind farms?
the electrical system of the wind power station is complex, including wind turbine generator units, box type transformers, power collection lines, main transformers and supporting control equipment, power transmission lines, reactive compensation equipment, etc. the daily maintenance of electrical equipment should have operation inspection records, pay attention to the frequent electrical failures, form corresponding written materials, and evaluate the electrical equipment.
what are the problems of power generation?
each wind power station has its own characteristics of power generation. common power generation problems are often inconsistent with theoretical power generation. in this case, the power station should be considered in all aspects, including wind abandonment rate, equipment failure, etc. the quality of wind resources is an important factor that seriously affects the power generation.
our advantage
authoritative qualification
noa has been approved by certification and accreditation administration of the people’s republic of china(cnca)(cnca-r-2002-051), and has obtained qualification of china inspection body and laboratory mandatory approval (cma),and has passed the multiple approvals of china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas), international accreditation service (ias), united kingdom accreditation service (ukas), joint accreditation system of australia and new zealand (jas-anz). noa has been approved by state administration for market regulation of china, and has been recognized as inspection and testing institution of china's special equipment, as well as the qualification of china's national equipment supervision and engineering supervision. noa-dci is the notified body of the ce directive of the european commission. noa has been recognized by the international electrotechnical commission (iecq) by obtaining electronic component quality assessment system. it is also a national inspection and assessment notified body of import and export commodity in china.noa is a high-tech enterprise in shanghai.
improve performance, realize asset value appreciation, and service throughout the entire value chain
from pre-design to post-operation, noa has the ability to guarantee the whole life cycle of the business. noa, as an independent third-party inspection company, has a large number of domestic and international standards and specifications proficient in design, welding, non-destructive testing, painting, packaging and other fields the experienced team of professional engineers and inspection experts, with more than ten years of experience in the domestic market, is familiar with all aspects of the domestic industrial equipment supply chain, and can provide you with technical support services for the full life cycle of technical services in a timely manner, combining various products. inspection, certification, testing, consulting, and auditing services can provide you with one-stop all-round comprehensive services.
quality, efficiency and service
noa has formed a mature and solid operation system in the development of more than 20 years. we let technical experts who are familiar with market regulations and testing standards and have professional industry experience to carry out inspection, evaluation and design review work. while meeting the requirements of domestic and international standards, we ensure that customers can obtain satisfactory service results in the first time with accurate time-sensitive management methods, and ensure that customers can seize the opportunity in the market competition.
service area
noa inspection services currently cover europe, australia, russia, some middle east regions and most regions in china. noa can ensure the consistency and continuity of customer service in different regions, and eliminate the impact of unfamiliar environments on customer quality. the guarantees and the impact of project implementation enable customers to participate in different markets across the country or around the world with flawless quality.
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