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real estate service certification

the term "immovable property" refers to things that occupy a fixed position in space according to natural nature or legal provisions, and whose movement will affect their economic value, including land, land fixtures, land products that have not yet been separated from the land, and other things that are attached to the land by nature or manpower and cannot be separated. with the continuous acceleration of urbanization and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, real estate services have become an integral part of public life.

real estate refers to the things that occupy a fixed position in space according to the nature of nature or the provisions of the law and will affect its economic value after moving, including land, land fixtures, land products that have not been separated from the land, and other things that are attached to the land and cannot be separated due to nature or human resources. with the continuous acceleration of urbanization and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, real estate services have become an inseparable part of public life. real estate service belongs to a new and fast-growing industry. now it has formed corporate operation, brand management, involvement in many major links such as sales and after-sales service of the real estate development industry, and has become an important part of real estate consumption. first, property service certification is conducive to strengthening the internal management ability of enterprises, forming a systematic and standardized management system, clarifying internal responsibilities, optimizing process operation, and strengthening the service ability of enterprises; second, it is conducive to the improvement and cost reduction of the enterprise, helping the enterprise to embark on the environmental protection and economic route, improve the environment and improve the maintenance ability, so as to enhance the company's image and improve customer satisfaction; the third is to provide scientific and effective management guidance for enterprises, strengthen the service awareness of employees, strengthen autonomy, improve the comprehensive quality of enterprise personnel, and improve the overall service level. fourth, through the comprehensive evaluation of the service ability, service process control and service performance of the property organization, it is one of the ways to promote the establishment of professional, standardized, professional and humanized management of the property organization, to prove its ability to the public and its service level to the peers.


service content

real estate service certification uses service certification technology to propose scientific and reasonable service and management requirements based on the characteristics of real estate services, providing service specifications and management standards for real estate organizations. through comprehensive evaluation of real estate service organizations' service capabilities, service process control, and service performance, promote the establishment of professional, standardized, professional, and humanized management for real estate organizations, and demonstrate their own capabilities and service levels to the public.

relevant standards

○《urban real estate management law》


○《property law》


○《regulations on the administration of urban real estate development and operation》


○《administrative measures for urban housing leasing》


○《regulations on quality management of construction projects》


○《measures for quality warranty of housing construction projects》


○《trial measures for qualification management of property management enterprises》

value gain

○  promote real estate service enterprises to improve their service quality and achieve continuous improvement, providing standardized services that meet or exceed customer expectations;


○  display the evaluation process of real estate service quality to consumers, help consumers choose standardized, professional and reliable real estate service enterprises, and enhance customer trust and confidence in the enterprise;


○  provide credible evidence for industry authorities to help create a good business environment and promote healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

service process
how long does the system need to run before applying for certification?
before applying for certification, the system must have been running for at least 3 months.
after obtaining the certificate, how to query the authenticity and validity of the certificate?
the authenticity and validity of the certificate can be queried by logging into noa website (凯发·k8(国际) - 官方网站 and selecting "certificate / report query" in the "resource center", or by logging into the national certification and accreditation information public service platform()query.
after obtaining the certificate, how long is the certificate valid? is it necessary to review every year?
after obtaining the certificate, the validity period of the certificate is 3 years, and at least one on-site audit is required every year to keep the certificate valid.
what to do after the expiration of the certificate?
before the expiration of the certificate, we will arrange the customer service specialist to contact you actively to assist you in handling matters related to your re certification application.
our advantage
authoritative qualification
noa has been approved by certification and accreditation administration of the people’s republic of china(cnca)(cnca-r-2002-051), and has obtained qualification of china inspection body and laboratory mandatory approval (cma),and has passed the multiple approvals of china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas), international accreditation service (ias), united kingdom accreditation service (ukas), joint accreditation system of australia and new zealand (jas-anz). noa has been approved by state administration for market regulation of china, and has been recognized as inspection and testing institution of china's special equipment, as well as the qualification of china's national equipment supervision and engineering supervision. noa-dci is the notified body of the ce directive of the european commission. noa has been recognized by the international electrotechnical commission (iecq) by obtaining electronic component quality assessment system. it is also a national inspection and assessment notified body of import and export commodity in china.noa is a high-tech enterprise in shanghai.
improve performance, realize asset value appreciation, and service throughout the entire value chain
from pre-design to post-operation, noa has the ability to guarantee the whole life cycle of the business. noa, as an independent third-party inspection company, has a large number of domestic and international standards and specifications proficient in design, welding, non-destructive testing, painting, packaging and other fields the experienced team of professional engineers and inspection experts, with more than ten years of experience in the domestic market, is familiar with all aspects of the domestic industrial equipment supply chain, and can provide you with technical support services for the full life cycle of technical services in a timely manner, combining various products. inspection, certification, testing, consulting, and auditing services can provide you with one-stop all-round comprehensive services.
quality, efficiency and service
noa has formed a mature and solid operation system in the development of more than 20 years. we let technical experts who are familiar with market regulations and testing standards and have professional industry experience to carry out inspection, evaluation and design review work. while meeting the requirements of domestic and international standards, we ensure that customers can obtain satisfactory service results in the first time with accurate time-sensitive management methods, and ensure that customers can seize the opportunity in the market competition.
service area
noa inspection services currently cover europe, australia, russia, some middle east regions and most regions in china. noa can ensure the consistency and continuity of customer service in different regions, and eliminate the impact of unfamiliar environments on customer quality. the guarantees and the impact of project implementation enable customers to participate in different markets across the country or around the world with flawless quality.

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