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construction engineering and materials

the rapid development of social economy has promoted the development of construction industry in our country. at present, the urban construction work in our country is in full swing. therefore, the quality of the construction project has been widely concerned by people from all walks of life. the quality control of construction engineering is very important for the development of urban economy. construction engineering construction must use the corresponding building materials, the quality of building materials is directly related to the quality of the entire construction project, so the quality detection of building engineering materials is particularly important.


construction materials have far-reaching significance for the quality of the entire construction project, and strengthening the quality inspection of construction materials is crucial to the quality of the entire construction project, which provides a strong guarantee for the smooth development of construction. with the continuous improvement of the level of scientific information technology in china, the detection methods of construction engineering materials are becoming more and more scientific and standardized. therefore, it is of great help to strengthen the quality detection of construction engineering materials, and the quality of construction engineering materials is guaranteed correspondingly. however, due to the low comprehensive quality of a few testing staff, the quality testing equipment of construction engineering materials is not sound enough, so the quality testing work of construction engineering materials can not be carried out efficiently and at a high level. there are some problems in the quality inspection of construction engineering materials, which need to be found in time and solved with effective countermeasures to promote and improve the quality of construction engineering materials.




common test method standards

1. test methods for concrete blocks and bricks gb/t 4111-2013

2. standard for test methods of physical and mechanical properties of concretegb/t 50081-2019

3. code for deformation measurement of building and structurejgj 8-2016

4. code for engineering surveyinggb 50026-2020

5. technical code for test and evaluation of urban bridgescjj/t 233-2015

6. technical code for test and evaluation of urban bridgescjj/t 233-2015

7. technical code for test and evaluation of urban bridgescjj/t 233-2015 (6.1~6.4)

8. technical standard for in-situ inspection on energy efficiency for building envelope dg/tj 08-2038-2021

9. technical standard for external thermal insulation on wallsjgj 144-2019

10. code for acceptance of energy efficient building constructiongb 50411-2019

11. emission standard of environment noise for boundary of construction sitegb 12523-2011

12. environmental quality standard for noisegb 3096-2008

13. measurement method of environmental vibration of urban areagb 10071-1988

14. testing and evaluating technical code for building curtain walls safety performancedg/tj 08-803-2013

15. standard for testing of engineering quality of glass curtain wallsjgj/t 139-2020

16. technical specification for high strength bolt connections of steel structuresjgj 82-2011

17. technical specification for construction of highway bridge and culvertjtg/t 3650-2020

18. code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structuregb 50205-2020

19. non-destructive testing of welds-ultrasonic testing-techniques ,testing levels,and assessmentgb/t 11345-2013

20. thicker steel plates—method for ultrasonic inspectiongb/t 2970-2016

21. non-destructive testing-penetrant testing-part 1:general principlesgb/t 18851.1-2012

22. non-destructive testing-penetrant testingjb/t 9218-2015(2017)

23. non-destructive testing of welds-penetrant testing of welds acceptance levelsgb/t26953-2011

24. steel and iron castings-magnetie particle inspectiongb/t 9444-2019

25. non-destructive testing-magnetic particle testing of weldsgb/t 26951-2011

26. non-destructive testing of welds—magnetic particle testing of welds—acceptance levelsgb/t 26952-2011

27. non-destructive testing-magnetic particle testing part 1:general principlesgb/t 15822.1-2005

28. technical standard for in-site testing of steel structuregb/t 50621-2010

29. technical standard for inspection of building structuregb/t 50344-2019

30. non-destructive testing-ultrasonic thickness measurementgb/t 11344-2021

31. code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structuregb 50205-2020

32. specification for examination acceptance and quality qualification of spatial reticulated structuresdg/tj 08-89-2016

33. technical standard for in-site testing of steel structuregb/t 50621-2010

34. technical specification for high strength bolt connections of steel structuresjgj 82-2011

35. code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structuregb 50205-2020

36. non-destructive testing-visual testing of fusion-welded jointsgb/t 32259-2015

37. technical specification for structural inspection and appraisal of steel structuresdg/tj 08-2011-2007

38. forged and rolled steel bars-method for ultrasonic testinggb/t 4162-2008

39. steel forgings-method for ultrasonic testinggb/t 6402-2008

40. magnetic particle testing for steel forgingsjb/t 8468-2014(2017)

41. non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates measurement of coating thickness-magnetic methodgb/t 4956-2003

42. code for acceptance of construction quality of high-rising structuresgb 51203-2016

43. acceptance specifications of structure engineer for mobile communication steel tower and mastyd/t 5132-2021

44. specification for constructional quality acceptance of steel tower and mast structurescecs 80:2006

45. the specification code for site testing of manufactured masonry mortardg/tj 08-2021-2007(2020)

46. technical specification for testing compressive strength of masonry mortar by penetration resistance methodjgj/t 136-2017

47. technical standard for site testing of masonry engineeringgb/t 50315-2011

48. the code of building quality inspectiondg/tj 08-79-2008

49. code for acceptance of constructional quality of masonry structuresgb 50203-2011

50. standard of structural inspection and assessment for existing buildingsdg/tj 08-804-2005

51. standard for test method of concrete structuresgb/t 50152-2012

52. technical specification for inspecting of concrete compressive strength by rebound methodjgj/t 23-2011

53. technical specification for testing concrete strength with drilled core methodjgj/t 384-2016

54. technical specification fortesting concrete strength with drilled core methoddg/tj 08-2020-2020

55. technical specification for testing concrete strength with drilled corececs 03:2007

56. technical specification for inspecting compressive strength of concrete by ultrasonic-rebound combined methodt/cecs 02-2020

57. technical standard for in-situ inspection of concrete structuregb/t 50784-2013

58. technical specification for inspection of concrete defects by ultrasonic methodcecs 21-2000

59. code for quality acceptance of concrete structure constructiongb 50204-2015

60. 'technical specification for inspection and treatment of cracks in buildingscecs 293:2011

61. technical standard for test of reinforcing steel bar in concretejgj/t 152-2019

62. code for acceptance of construction quality of strengthening building structuresgb 50550-2010

63. technical specification for post - installed fastenings in concrete structuresjgj 145-2013

64. tension and shear test methods for building anchorsdg/tj 08-003-2013

65. technical specification for inspecting the defects of exterior walls cement coating of building with infrared thermography methodjgj/t 277-2012

66. technical specification for inspecting the defects of exterior walls cementing coats of building using infrared thermography methodcecs 204: 2006

67. infrared thermographic inspection-general technical requirements of in-situ inspection on construction engineeringgb/t 29183-2012

68. building infrared thermographic inspection requirementjg/t 269-2010

69. technical code for in-site testing of building waterproof engineeringjgj/t 299-2013

70. mechanical vibration and shock-vibration of buildings-guidelines for the measurement of vibrations and evaluation of their effects on buildingsgb/t 14124-2009

71. code for acceptance of construction quality of timber structuresgb 50206-2012

72. code for acceptance of construction quality of house dwelling spacedg/tj 08-2062-2017

73. technical specification for plasting mortarjgj/t 220-2010

74. standard for construction quality acceptance of building decorationgb 50210-2018

75. code for acceptance of construction quality of building electrical engineeringgb 50303-2015

76. code for acceptance of construction quality of building groundgb 50209-2010

77. testing standard for adhesive strength of tapestry brick of construction engineeringjgj/t 110-2017

78. code of acceptance for construction quality of ventilation and air conditioning worksgb 50243-2016

79. code for acceptance of construction quality of water supply drainage and heating worksgb 50242-2002


wires and cables test standard

1. cross-linked polyolefin insulated wires and cables with rated voltages up to and including 450/750v

2. polyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 v

3. conductors of insulated cables

4. power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltagesfrom 1kv(u=1.2 kv)up to 35 kv(u.=40.5 kv)

5. plastic insulated control cables

6. flame retardant and fire resistant wires and cables

7. structure size according to gb/t5023.2-2008、gb/t 5013.2-2008、gb/t 2951.11-2008、gb/t 12706.1-2008

8. measure the resistance of the conductor according to gb/t 5013.2-2008、gb/t 5023.2-2008、gb/t 3048.4-2007

9. voltage test according to gb/t 5013.2-2008、gb/t5023.2-2008、gb/t 12706.1-2008

10. insulation resistance according to gb/t 3048.5-2007、gb/t 5013.2-2008、gb/t 12706.1-2008、gb/t5023.2-2008

11. non-delayed burning test according to gb/t 18380.21-2008、gb/t 18380.11-2008、gb/t 12666.2-2008、gb/t 12666.2-2008 gb/t 19380.12-2008


service process

our advantage
authoritative qualification
noa has been approved by certification and accreditation administration of the people’s republic of china(cnca)(cnca-r-2002-051), and has obtained qualification of china inspection body and laboratory mandatory approval (cma),and has passed the multiple approvals of china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas), international accreditation service (ias), united kingdom accreditation service (ukas), joint accreditation system of australia and new zealand (jas-anz). noa has been approved by state administration for market regulation of china, and has been recognized as inspection and testing institution of china's special equipment, as well as the qualification of china's national equipment supervision and engineering supervision. noa-dci is the notified body of the ce directive of the european commission. noa has been recognized by the international electrotechnical commission (iecq) by obtaining electronic component quality assessment system. it is also a national inspection and assessment notified body of import and export commodity in china.noa is a high-tech enterprise in shanghai.
improve performance, realize asset value appreciation, and service throughout the entire value chain
from pre-design to post-operation, noa has the ability to guarantee the whole life cycle of the business. noa, as an independent third-party inspection company, has a large number of domestic and international standards and specifications proficient in design, welding, non-destructive testing, painting, packaging and other fields the experienced team of professional engineers and inspection experts, with more than ten years of experience in the domestic market, is familiar with all aspects of the domestic industrial equipment supply chain, and can provide you with technical support services for the full life cycle of technical services in a timely manner, combining various products. inspection, certification, testing, consulting, and auditing services can provide you with one-stop all-round comprehensive services.
quality, efficiency and service
noa has formed a mature and solid operation system in the development of more than 20 years. we let technical experts who are familiar with market regulations and testing standards and have professional industry experience to carry out inspection, evaluation and design review work. while meeting the requirements of domestic and international standards, we ensure that customers can obtain satisfactory service results in the first time with accurate time-sensitive management methods, and ensure that customers can seize the opportunity in the market competition.
service area
noa inspection services currently cover europe, australia, russia, some middle east regions and most regions in china. noa can ensure the consistency and continuity of customer service in different regions, and eliminate the impact of unfamiliar environments on customer quality. the guarantees and the impact of project implementation enable customers to participate in different markets across the country or around the world with flawless quality.

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