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iso 55001 asset management system

iso 55000 standard is the first series of management system standards specially for asset management issued by the international organization for standardization (iso). the objects of management include physical assets and intangible assets. physical assets usually refer to equipment, inventory and real estate owned by an organization. intangible assets such as lease rights, trademarks, data assets, use rights, licenses, intellectual property rights, reputation or agreements. the asset management system aims to maximize the value of the enterprise's assets.


according to the analysis of the enterprise's internal and external environment, it determines the enterprise's policies and strategic asset management plans, determines the asset management objectives on the basis of risk identification, balances the risks, costs and performance of the whole life cycle of the assets, makes asset management decisions, and formulates asset management plans, provides resources to implement the asset management plans check the completion of the objectives, check the compliance and effectiveness of the system through internal audit and management review, and revise the policy and strategic asset management plan according to the changes of internal and external conditions to start a new cycle.


asset management is very critical for some asset intensive industries, which is directly related to the continuity of production and service, product and service quality, cost, personnel safety and environmental impact, and even determine the life and death of the enterprise. in most cases, asset management is in an auxiliary and passive position in enterprise management, and becomes the defendant in the management meeting. this situation has long troubled the asset managers of many enterprises and has become painful and helpless. the reason is that the concept and management methods of asset management of most enterprises are still quite backward. by implementing the iso55001 standard, the organization can systematically adopt the latest concepts and methods of international advanced asset management to achieve the goal of systematically improving the asset management level in a short time.

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iso 55001 is a brand-new international standard and the best practice guide for asset management. iso 55001 focuses on helping you develop a forward-looking asset management life-cycle system to help you optimize asset management and reduce costs, while helping you meet the performance and safety requirements you need. the main purpose of this standard is to help you improve the financial performance related to the enterprise's key assets, establish and implement more systematic risk management, improve and systematically manage the maintenance activities of assets, and then improve the quality of services provided.


noa has a senior team of iso 55001 auditors and sufficient audit resources in china to provide you with localized and professional iso 55001 certification services in a timely manner, which can help your company achieve corporate goals, create greater value, and effectively help enterprises show their good management ability and management level to the society.

related standards

○ iso 55001:2014  asset management system

value gain

○  access to a structured best practice approach to managing the lifecycle of assets;


○  continuous improvement in procurement, finance, human resources, it;


○  facilitating organisational knowledge management and decision-making;


○  bringing new perspectives and ideas to the table in terms of value creation;


○  improve quality assurance to customers/regulators;


○  reducing risks associated with asset ownership;


○  support for new business acquisitions.


service process
how long does the system need to run before applying for certification?
before applying for certification, the system must have been running for at least 3 months.
after obtaining the certificate, how to query the authenticity and validity of the certificate?
the authenticity and validity of the certificate can be queried by logging into noa website (凯发·k8(国际) - 官方网站 and selecting "certificate / report query" in the "resource center", or by logging into the national certification and accreditation information public service platform()query.
after obtaining the certificate, how long is the certificate valid? is it necessary to review every year?
after obtaining the certificate, the validity period of the certificate is 3 years, and at least one on-site audit is required every year to keep the certificate valid.
what to do after the expiration of the certificate?
before the expiration of the certificate, we will arrange the customer service specialist to contact you actively to assist you in handling matters related to your re certification application.
our advantage
authoritative qualification
noa has been approved by certification and accreditation administration of the people’s republic of china(cnca)(cnca-r-2002-051), and has obtained qualification of china inspection body and laboratory mandatory approval (cma),and has passed the multiple approvals of china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas), international accreditation service (ias), united kingdom accreditation service (ukas), joint accreditation system of australia and new zealand (jas-anz). noa has been approved by state administration for market regulation of china, and has been recognized as inspection and testing institution of china's special equipment, as well as the qualification of china's national equipment supervision and engineering supervision. noa-dci is the notified body of the ce directive of the european commission. noa has been recognized by the international electrotechnical commission (iecq) by obtaining electronic component quality assessment system. it is also a national inspection and assessment notified body of import and export commodity in china.noa is a high-tech enterprise in shanghai.
improve performance, realize asset value appreciation, and service throughout the entire value chain
from pre-design to post-operation, noa has the ability to guarantee the whole life cycle of the business. noa, as an independent third-party inspection company, has a large number of domestic and international standards and specifications proficient in design, welding, non-destructive testing, painting, packaging and other fields the experienced team of professional engineers and inspection experts, with more than ten years of experience in the domestic market, is familiar with all aspects of the domestic industrial equipment supply chain, and can provide you with technical support services for the full life cycle of technical services in a timely manner, combining various products. inspection, certification, testing, consulting, and auditing services can provide you with one-stop all-round comprehensive services.
quality, efficiency and service
noa has formed a mature and solid operation system in the development of more than 20 years. we let technical experts who are familiar with market regulations and testing standards and have professional industry experience to carry out inspection, evaluation and design review work. while meeting the requirements of domestic and international standards, we ensure that customers can obtain satisfactory service results in the first time with accurate time-sensitive management methods, and ensure that customers can seize the opportunity in the market competition.
service area
noa inspection services currently cover europe, australia, russia, some middle east regions and most regions in china. noa can ensure the consistency and continuity of customer service in different regions, and eliminate the impact of unfamiliar environments on customer quality. the guarantees and the impact of project implementation enable customers to participate in different markets across the country or around the world with flawless quality.
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